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Yoga is a metaphor for life. Asana, the study of and predilections for specific philosophies, delving into our own consciousness, and the entirety of sadhana, or spiritual practice, permit an authentic exploration of our deepest selves. Our reactions, habits, unconscious behaviors, and preferences all come out on the mat. Some people overwork and some people give up in a challenging pose or when they are confronted with a difficult situation in life. We bring all that we are to the yoga mat; we make the choice moment by moment to stay connected and present or to shut down, harden, and close off.

We watch our depths rise to the surface, and if we are sensitive enough, allow that which does not serve us to be released without judgment or disdain. We can create a spaciousness of heart that continues to open even in the face of adversity or heartache. We remember that we can never be separate from the Great Supreme Consciousness. The practice provides an opportunity to create body prayers, articulating our heart’s true longing and expression through the beautiful form of the body. Choose to not let disappointment or pain petrify inside of you. Let your yoga lead you into a more profound unfolding of your authentic self.

A proud native Texan currently based in San Francisco, KK is an astrologer, ritualist, and Certified Anusara Yoga® teacher with a quirky sense of humor. She kicks ass and sprinkles glitter. Follow her teaching schedule and astrological updates at:


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