My alcoholism had taken my soul, my hopes, and my dreams, and it was crushing my family.

The phenomenon of the reality shows I was on weren’t the cause of my addiction, yet added fuel to the fire. I can only explain my transition in the past three years as being a miracle. My life was so far off track. I had lost my will to live. When everything came crashing down around me, I realized that not only was I destroying myself, I was also destroying my family. I knew I had to get help, so I surrendered to my addiction. I admitted I was powerless over alcohol, fell to my knees, and finally asked for help. It was one of the hardest things I ever had to do, but it saved my life.

I started going to Alcoholics Anonynmous, partnered up with a sponsor, and began to devote my life to recovery. I worked the steps of recovery into my everyday life, knowing that I only had to change one thing— everything. My behaviors and lifestyle choices had led me to my rock bottom, so I did everything I could to start changing in ways that would support me getting my life back on track. I surrounded myself with great friends who told me what I needed—not wanted—to hear. I let go of my over-inflated ego and allowed my friends, family, and the program to help restore me. I realized that I had an underestimated sense of self-worth, and this allowed me to become humble. Lifestyle changes such as these have helped me realize that I am still an alcoholic and always will be, but I constantly strive to stay sober by contributing to multiple charities and working in recovery at Northbound Treatment Services.

I can honestly say that my new, sober life is amazing. I am in love and getting married. I have a supportive, healthy family and great friends. I am here because of my hard work, Alcoholics Anonymous, and the grace of God. I once did not have the will to live. Now I get to live the dream daily.

Jason Whaler is best known for his roles on the reality programs Laguna Beach, The Hills, and Dr. Drew’s Celebrity Rehab. Today he is three years sober and a Client Services Manager at Northbound Treatment Services.

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