Interview: Maranda Pleasant

Maranda Pleasant: What is it that makes you feel most alive?

Hilaria Baldwin: I’m somebody who likes to get up early in the morning and go work out. Yoga has become my very favorite of all activities. If I can go and work out or move during the day, then I am a pretty happy camper.

MP: Wonderful. What are some of the things that make you feel vulnerable?

HB: I live life where I feel pretty secure. I’m a very happy person. But there are some things that make you feel nervous. When you feel misunderstand, that’s one of them. Anytime people misunderstand you. People project. We live in a world where everybody is online. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram. So much is about the outward appearance. They don’t really see your humanity. What makes me feel vulnerable is when people are not seeing my humanity and who I am.


MP: I’ve been doing these interviews with some of the most amazing people on the planet for more than two years, and I think you just summed it up. I’ve never actually gotten that answer before. But when I think about what makes me vulnerable, being misunderstand and people not getting my motivation—it doesn’t matter how pure you are, how much you want to love and change the planet—people saying and projecting the meanest things, that’s the thing that will bring me to tears the fastest.

HB: I’ve spent quite a few nights in tears because of that. The good thing is that, every day is a new day. News becomes old fast. And you just move on. One of the things that I’ve loved about becoming a mother is it puts things into perspective. To have that deep of a love, it’s like Christmas every day. You wake up and there’s this little thing for you every single day. She makes the world brighter. All of these silly little problems don’t matter because she doesn’t get it. You can almost live in her world when things get tough.

MP: Are there any other unexpected ways that your pregnancy shifted you?

HB: Yes, absolutely. My life has shifted, priorities change. It’s a love that I didn’t know before. It’s a very different kind of love. I love my husband deeply, I love my family deeply. It’s a very different love that you have with your child. That’s something that did surprise me. People would say, “You’re going to love this little girl like you can’t even imagine.” And I’d say, “Oh yeah, I’m sure I’m going to love her!” But it’s a love that hurts. It’s a love that pulls at your heart. That was a surprise to me, to feel it and experience, to cross over to a group of people that also understand that.

MP: Why did it feel important for you to make Fit Mommy-to-be Prenatal Yoga?

HB: I started dancing when I was two years old. I’ve been moving and exercising my entire life. I’m not very good at math, I’m so-so at science, I’m pretty good at history. But I’m very, very good at fitness. Taking care of myself has been a lifelong journey, with a lot of hard lessons, a lot of wonderful lessons. When I decided to make this DVD, I knew that I could help people. When I went to college, I initially wanted to be a doctor because I wanted to help people. Then I decided that that wasn’t really the best way in terms of the medical system right now. I figured that it would be frustrating.

I started teaching yoga when I was in college, and it clicked with me. I realized I could help people. Even though I was making peanuts, at least I helped people. At least I made the world a little bit better person-by-person. To be able to share my experience in this DVD and say, “This is what made my pregnancy go so smoothly,” that’s a gift to other people that I hope they’ll accept.

MP: That is really beautiful. I’m so happy to hear how real you are. Is there any advice that you would give to women who are expecting?

HB: Keep active, keep moving! Even when you’re tired. Take care of yourself and take breaks if you need to. Don’t overexert yourself. Try to do something active once a day. Even at the end, I just walked and walked and walked. Then I would take a rest. Then I would go out and walk and walk and walk. I knew I was getting my baby into the right place. I never had swelling in my feet or in my legs. I gained twenty-eight pounds while being pregnant. That’s a healthy weight. It’s enough, it’s not too much. I didn’t watch what I ate but I ate healthy things. I was eating a good amount of food but not chocolate chips and cupcakes. I wanted to feed my baby well. I figured, I am what I eat and she is what I eat while she’s inside of me, so it is my responsibility to eat well. Eat well, exercise, rest when you need to, and do your Kegel exercises.

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