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Maranda Pleasant: What makes you come alive?

Nikki Deloach: I’m inspired by it all – the good and the not so good – because every experience is an opportunity for me to learn, grow, and become the best version of myself. I feel most alive when I’m surrounded by family and friends, and when I am working.

MP: What makes you feel vulnerable?

ND: I have a couple of what I call “buttons” – fears or anxieties that when tweaked can cause me to be vulnerable. Fear of failure, not being good enough, and abandonment are my main buttons. However, they have diminished greatly over the years as I have really confronted those fears in order to work through them. My biggest vulnerability now is my son, Hudson. I am often plagued with fear: Is he ok? Is he safe? I’m in the process of trying to work through this fear. It’s a hard one.

MP: If you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

ND: Be kind to yourself and to others. Treat others the way you would want to be treated. I was told that every day of my childhood.

MP: How do you handle emotional pain?

ND: It depends on the situation and how deep the pain cuts. I have a skill set that often helps me get through hurtful moments or experiences. However, sometimes when the pain cuts really deep, my normal go-to exercises just won’t work. I have an amazing spiritual counselor. I use meditation a lot. Cognitive therapy has been very helpful for me. However, no matter what, I find that surrendering is essential. Finally, be kind to yourself and have a good support system.

MP: Tell me about your latest project.

ND: Right now I’m filming Season Four of Awkward. I play Lacey Hamilton, the overbearing, self-involved, but very well-intentioned mother of the lead, Jenna Hamilton. It’s senior year, so Lacey is dealing with the impending empty nest and asking herself what she will do with the rest of her life. I also just became an expert blogger for a website called SheKnows. My first blog goes up this month. On our hiatus I’m doing an action/thriller indie which should be a lot of fun.

MP: How do you keep your center in the middle of chaos? Do you have a daily routine?

ND: Meditation has really helped with keeping my center. Also, I cannot stress the importance of pausing to take a few deep breaths throughout the day. It’s simple and effective. Going for a walk is always helpful for me. I also love gratitude exercises. Reminding myself of all that I have to be thankful for really helps ground me and keeps me from tipping over into that negative place.

MP: What truth do you know for sure?

ND: That I am loved.

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I am from Blackshear, GA. My first big professional job was The Mickey Mouse Club. After that, I focused acting for several years until I decided to pursue music. After my stint in the music business, I decided to return to acting. For the last ten years, I’ve been in L.A., working in film and television as an actor. Along the way, I got a degree, became a certified acting coach, and spent a year as a creative executive at a production company. Most importantly, I’m happy.


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