Maranda Pleasant: Is Hollywood finally embracing more natural beauty products and regimens?

Sophie Uliano: Hollywood is definitely now embracing a more natural approach to beauty. Staying “youthful-looking” is old news. The ubiquitous term “anti-aging” has become meaningless. Women today want to look like a more revitalized version of themselves. The bottom line is we all want to be natural. I am seeing an increasing number of people who want to match the products they use every day to a more natural, healthy lifestyle.

MP: What are your personal passions beyond helping us live more green and gorgeously?

SU: My personal passion is to educate women so that they can be empowered to make better choices. Sometimes we don’t make healthy choices because we don’t know any better. With the right information at our fingertips, we can always make better decisions. That is one of the reasons I’m working with Tom’s of Maine, in particular. For decades they’ve provided information about ingredients, their purpose and source. That transparency is important. Look at what’s inside products and seek out those that contain natural, plant-based ingredients – from toothpaste to cosmetics.

MP: What is the motivation behind your fourth book and what will it cover?

SU: My fourth book, Gorgeous for Good, is all about reframing the way we approach our beauty regimens. Baby Boomers are now living longer and want to stay vibrant and gorgeous for as long as possible. I’ve identified a need for women to learn the basics of a healthy, holistic, daily regimen, which will bring a healthy glow to their skin. It’s all about allowing our true self to shine, both literally through our skin and metaphorically through our soul.

MP: What does goodness mean to you?

SU: Goodness, for me, has to start in my own backyard: find what’s beautiful about where I am right now, rather than criticizing myself for what I’m not. We live in a culture where physical perfection and youth is revered, and so women over a certain age begin to feel irrelevant. The most beautiful women I know are passionate, curious, funny and have a deep sense of purpose and they are all over 70! Finding these qualities in myself, and celebrating them in other women is the starting place of being Gorgeous for Good.

Goodness is also about interacting with people, brands, companies and organizations who are invested in sustainable and ethical practices. What’s the point of using products that are ruining our Earth? It doesn’t make sense.

MP: You’re known for helping us “decode” the beauty aisle. What does that mean?

SU: I love to help women cut through all the labeling loopholes to find the best personal and oral care products on the market. This includes, of course, ingredients, but also recyclable packaging, products with expiration dates, examining company values (which includes no animal testing), and more. I’m a fan of Tom’s of Maine natural oral care line for those very reasons; they deliver on both healthy and environmental goodness. The beauty of it is you’ll feel even more empowered knowing you’re doing something good for yourself and the environmental footprint of your beauty routine.

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