Maranda Pleasant: Tell me about your latest projects.

Jonathan Jackson: Our album is called Radio Cinematic. It’s an anthemic rock album about the loss of beauty in the heart and the search for its recovery. I also have a book about the arts that I’m finishing up.

MP: What makes you come alive?

JJ: Hearing stories of courage in the face of immense fear, and witnessing forgiveness. My wife and kids.

MP: What makes you feel vulnerable?

JJ: The remembrance of mortality and how fragile all of us are.

MP: If you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

JJ: “I’m sorry.”

MP: How do you keep your center in the middle of chaos? Do you have a daily routine?

JJ: When I manage to keep my center, it’s usually because I’ve taken prayer seriously. When I’m off-balance, it’s usually because I’ve forgotten to engage in genuine prayer.

MP: What’s been one of your biggest lessons so far in life?

JJ: That being joyful is a choice and that gratitude is the root of joy. Also, not judging people is the fastest way to peace. I don’t live these things perfectly by any means, but I’m striving.

MP: What truth do you know for sure?

JJ: That God is love.


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