Carmen Electra

Interview: Robert Piper

Robert Piper: How do you stay healthy?

Carmen Electra: It first starts with my mind. For the most part, this can be a really stressful business. It’s always being looked at or criticized, so there’s a lot of stress that comes along with it. And there are a lot of perks too, so I’m not complaining; I wouldn’t change a thing. But you see how that gets people and how you can go down the wrong path.

That’s just something my mom always talked to me about: if you ever do become this or that and live in L.A., just remember not to stress a lot, and stay calm . . . things will pass. I think probably anyone would say, the worst and the hardest things to deal with is when people say things that aren’t true. Or that are kind of true but exaggerated. But I’ve figured it all out; it doesn’t bother me anymore.

RP: How do you stay so positive when criticism occurs?

CE: Honestly, I try not to listen to it, as much as possible. I’m not one of those people that has to look myself up every five seconds to see what people are saying. That’s been really helpful. I mean, you get thousands of compliments, and then one person will say something negative— and that’s all you’ll remember, that one person.

So that’s kind of the way I learned. I get excited to read stuff, and then you can get your feelings hurt really easily, but you toughen up after a while. You learn that’s someone else’s opinion, and they’re allowed to have their opinion. It’s not everyone’s opinion. You know who you are, and you just have to keep going and not really pay attention to it. Otherwise, it will hold you back from your dreams—and going back to health. Worry and stress is one of the most unhealthiest things. They say that cancer and sickness comes from that, so you know I do my best. There are times that I do feel very stressed, but I do my best to keep it away and get plenty of rest. I have fun when I want to have fun, but I am learning how to balance my life out. So it’s not just one consistent thing, it’s a lot of things.

RP: How’s the music career going? You got a new single out?

CE: I have a new single out! I’m really excited. It’s called “Around the World,” and it’s produced by Mike Rizzo. “I Like It Loud” really took off in the dance-club scene, and the DJs have been so supportive. The ball started rolling so fast, and I kind of had no idea it was going to happen. I looked at it as an interesting opportunity, and I can’t pass it up, because I love music so much.

I’m just going to go for it and see what happens. Now we just released the third single, and we are figuring out concepts for the videos.

RP: How do you stay balanced?

CE: There was one part of my life where I would go out every night. Ha-ha, if I missed going out to the club, it was the end of the world. I still like to go out, I love to hear music, I love to dance. I’m still the girl that might get up to dance on the table. It’s just who I am, and I’m going to be me and that’s it. I like to go out when I want to go out, and you know work means a lot to me.

So if I have to work, I’m responsible. At one point in my life, I would still go out and go to work. Now I just balance things out, where I know if I have days off. If I’m working, then I’m working, and my focus is on that.

RP: What inspires you in life?

CE: People who aren’t afraid to be who they are. People who are different and unique. People who change the game. People who step up to themselves. People that change the world. You know, people that do things that you think they could never do. For instance, I met this young man, and he was running a marathon with a prosthetic leg. And you look at things like that, and you go, “God, we complain about our lives, and then you see someone that’s so strong like that.” He had the will that he was going to do this! There could be days where I say things like “I don’t like my makeup,” and it’s nothing, it’s no big deal. So I just learn from other people. And I try to get strengths from other people and the things they do, the things they can overcome in their lives.

Carmen Electra is a model, actress, musician, TV personality, and dancer. Her new single, “Around the World,” is available on iTunes.



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