Interview: Robert Piper

Robert Piper: What is the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your life?

Tim Matheson: Going through a divorce after twenty-five years of marriage was the most difficult time for me. It was challenging to reorient my life from being centered around family, a family home, and a long-term relationship. And it soon became obvious to me that I had to process and keep my relationship with my ex-wife separate from that of my children. They didn’t need or want too much personal information about our relationship. Change is good, and ultimately, creating a new path at this point in my life is energizing, creative, and rejuvenating.

RP: What inspires you?

TM: I am inspired by music, travel, great architecture, and good, healthy food. I look for opportunities to learn about history, art, and cooking. When I learn, I grow.

RP: How do you stay healthy?

TM: I am pretty relentless about exercise. I love working out and doing cardiovascular workouts. I’m now doing the Whole Life Challenge to discover the unhealthy patterns in my diet and to adjust them to more reasonable levels. And more yoga!

RP: How do you deal with overcoming failure?

TM: I allow myself to have my feelings of disappointment and discouragement, but never to sit and wallow in them. I meditate on positive energy, goals, and long-term happiness. Life has its ups and downs, so to expect otherwise is setting yourself up for disappointment.

RP: What projects are you working on?

TM: I have two exciting projects that I am working on. For starters, Adrift: 76 Days Lost at Sea. This is a true story of a man whose boat sank while he was solo-sailing across the Atlantic to the Caribbean. It is a story of courage, ingenuity, humor, and the ability to change. I hope to turn it into a movie this year. And also, Weather Permitting, a feature based on an Iranian film which I have the American rights to. It is a day in the life of a famed movie director and his assistant on the set of his latest movie. The assistant is going through a life crisis, and the larger-than-life director along with the eccentric cast—several actors with Down Syndrome—and crazed crew members give the young assistant the insight, humor, and courage to solve the challenges that he is facing in his life. I am presently finding the perfect writer for the American script.

Tim Matheson is an actor, director, and producer best known for his portrayal of Eric “Otter” Stratton in Animal House. He provided the voice of the lead character in Jonny Quest as well as the voice of Jace in Space Ghost. Tim stars opposite Rachel Bilson on The CW’s Hart of Dixie.


Photo: Kriaztian Lonyai

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