Allison Eastwood

Interview: Barbi Twins

Barbi Twins: You’re an accomplished film actor, director, model, and fashion designer, and you come from a famous Hollywood family. What gave you this sincere empathy to help the underdogs, the suffering animals?   

Alison Eastwood: I’m not sure what gave me empathy for animals, but I do know that I have always loved animals since I was a very young child. I always felt a need to nurture and protect them. Perhaps I could see they needed that, and caring for them made me happy.

BT: Who were your role models as a child that made you the animal activist you are today?

AE: I grew up in beautiful Carmel, California, and I have extremely sweet parents that always loved nature and animals. They instilled such an appreciation for beauty and kindness that it was inherent.

BT: Growing up, what kept you balanced, grounded, and centered?

Alison EastwoodAE: I was fortunate enough not to grow up in Hollywood, so I feel that was a blessing. Being surrounded by nature and animals always kept me grounded and happy. My parents were smart to keep my brother and I away from that nonsense. I do live in the LA area now, but I keep my balance by hiking in the mountains with my dogs and taking trail
rides every week on my horse.

BT: You’ve become famous for your animal activist work. What is your main message to other animal activists that look up to you?

AE: My main message to folks who love animals is that you can do something every day to help them. Even if you have no money or time, per se, you can find ways to contribute on any level: sharing shelter animals on social media, donating old blankets or towels to a local shelter, starting a petition online for an animal cause. Spreading the word about real issues is still helping. Just being conscious of helping animals every day will help guide you to make beneficial decisions for animals.

BT: You’ve created your own great organization, the Eastwood Ranch Foundation. Can you tell us a little bit about this organization? How can others support your cause?

AE: I started Eastwood Ranch Foundation a few years ago after I developed, co-starred, and produced a show for Nat Geo Wild called Animal Intervention. I always loved animals but when I got to travel the U.S. and see what was really going on in our country, I decided to take action and be a real advocate for them. It’s easy to just see what you want to see in your own comfort bubble, but to really get out there and experience the suffering of animals is an awakening. I had to become proactive and take a stand.

“It’s easy to just see what you want to see in your own comfort bubble, but to really get out there and experience the suffering of animals is an awakening.”

BT: What other animal organizations are you involved with that help wildlife, conservation, and our planet?

AE: I try to support any and all animal causes or organizations out there if they are good and reputable. Sadly, there are a lot of people and organizations that raise money but don’t do much or don’t have good intentions. I’ve worked with organizations such as Marine Animal Rescue in Southern California. [Director] Peter Wallerstein does great work rescuing sea life along the shores of LA, and I helped raise money for sanctuaries such as Chimp Haven, who are now taking in over
two hundred medical lab chimps released from government-funded medical testing labs.

BT: Do you find it difficult as a Hollywood starlet to live “green” in a city that demands luxury? Can you give us some simple green tips that everyone can do to be proactive towards a healthier planet?

AE: I always felt that with luxury came cruelty. I do my best to live a happy, prosperous life, but I don’t indulge in a lot of luxury. My husband and I are very mindful of what we eat and what we wear. I don’t visit places that exploit animals or buy things that are derived from cruelty. I’m sure I’m not perfect, but I make a conscious effort to do no harm and always support people, places, or things that are on the up-and-up.

Alison Eastwood

BT: Tell us about your TV projects involving animals, as well as the other projects that we can all look forward to.

AE: I’m working on a few TV shows right now that involve animals and animal welfare, but I can’t go into the details at the moment. Stay tuned!

BT: What do you want Alison Eastwood to be most remembered for?

AE: I’d like to be remembered for being a good-hearted soul that left this planet better than I found it.

Alison Eastwood is a actor, fashion designer, and activist, to name a few. She has appeared in a number of films with her father, Clint Eastwood, including Absolute Power and Tightrope, for which she received a Young Artist Award nomination. She also focuses her time on supporting animal causes, most notably through the Eastwood Ranch Foundation in Southern California.

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