Drop in the Bucket is a Los Angeles based, 501(c)(3) water charity that constructs wells and sanitation systems at large rural schools in sub-Saharan Africa.

Our mission is to assist community development in sub-Sahara Africa by building wells and sanitation systems at schools; thus enabling children, especially girls to get an education and be able to realize their full potential.

Since forming in 2006, we have completed over 150 projects in countries like Tanzania, Mozambique, South Sudan, Chad, Kenya and Uganda.

Drop was formed by a group of entertainment industry professionals who decided to do something about the fact that every day, children in Africa are dying of preventable water-borne diseases. A key part of what we do involves working with rural communities in sub-Saharan Africa. We talk to people in remote villages, find out what they require and develop cost-effective wells and innovative sanitation systems to meet their needs.

Over the last five years, we have worked with the best and brightest engineers, innovators and experts on African culture – as well as economics – to better understand the unique challenges associated with the world’s developing water crisis.

We have designed and developed a new sanitation system that has been written up as one of the most advanced sanitation solutions for the rural developing world. Set up innovative programs designed to address project sustainability, and written a program of hygiene and sanitation specifically designed to address the needs of children in the developing world.

Drop In The Bucket believes we can help create a world in which children are safe, healthy, educated and free from fear. And we believe that the key to achieving those ends is clean water and sanitation.


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