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My mission is to connect people through joyful yoga. Energetic vibrations of fun run deep in my veins. When we come together on the mat and experience this bliss, the manifestation of my intention to teach has arrived. I own Lotus House of Yoga, a vinyasa studio in Omaha, Nebraska. The classes I lead are fun, challenging and filled with love. I enjoy playing at the edge of the asana practice and watching the spirit soar to new heights. Music is integral to the asana classes I lead. My playlists are funky and always fresh, incorporating soul, hip hop, folk, and pop. My class will connect you to your true self and ignite your passion for life.

What I Offer

Lightening Flow. Ignite the spirit, flow fast. This quick paced practice is initiated by the desire to drop into the flow and let go. The intense sequences connect standing poses, to arm balances, to inversions, to our seated practice. The flow is rhythmic and driven by music. This class lights the body and liberates the mind.

Fire Flow. Dig deep, burn brighter. This sweaty, flow practice, is blazingly challenging. Inspired by astanga, it incorporates lots of core work, balancing poses, and alignment mechanics. Expect to hold poses to your physical edge, burning away mental limitations and illuminating your energetic infinite.

River Flow. Detach and let go, free the flow. Like a river carves out rugged terrain, this practice liberates the hips. Our water center must stay open to going with the flow of life. Hip and thigh opening poses create profound freedom, awareness, and present moment experience. Clear the way for abundance to flow into your life.

Exclusively at the Hanuman Festival – June 8th-10th – Boulder, Colorado:

Fire on the Mountain

Welcome to the Land of Om; where monkeys fly through a pink sky and the emerald city of your heart is right around the bend. Sweat drips off your body and turns to starlight; vibrant sound swirls around the crown. Senses succumb to your guru; the high vibration. What you’ve only imagined becomes reality. Turn right side in and flip upside down as you tiptoe gracefully along the edge of your practice. This is a multidimensional class using creative asana and a mind bending live DJ.


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