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Laurie Gerber is President of Handel Group® Life Coaching (http://www.handelgroup.com/coaching/life-coaching), an international coaching company, which specializes in teaching individuals to take focused and powerful action in every area of their lives. Laurie has dedicated the last 15 years to coaching hundreds of individuals and leading large groups at Kripalu Center, Esalen Institute, Equinox Fitness, Soho House, the JCC of Manhattan, Natural Health Magazine’s Women’s Wellness Weekends and Menla Mountain Retreat. Through an engaging, edgy and truthful conversation, which first confronts and then inspires, Laurie is able to help people strip away the psychological or emotional burdens that hold them back and allow them to lead extraordinary lives with an emphasis on Personal Integrity®. Laurie regularly blogs for The Daily Love, Huffington Post, Crazy Sexy Wellness, Dr. Frank Lipman and HGLC’s own weekly newsletter. She recently filmed a MTV True Life show, I’m Getting a Second Chance. (http://www.handelgroup.com/coaching/life-coaching/true-life-mtv) Join Laurie every Monday on Wake Up Your Week! (http://www.handelgroup.com/events/wake-your-week-teleseminar-series-subscription) – a teleseminar subscription that breaks down the Handel methodology into digestible, weekly sessions with take-aways, challenges and assignments that ensure real change in your life!

Connect with Laurie:
Website: www.handelgroup.com/life-coaching
Facebook: www.facebook.com/HGLifeCoaching
YouTube: www.youtube.com/handelgroup
Twitter: www.twitter.com/HGLifeCoaching

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