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Mastan Kipp. The Daily Love.

The Daily Love was created by Mastin Kipp in 2005 under the original name “Thoughts for the Day”. Kipp embarked upon a journey in 2004 to find his true purpose and figure out the techniques to best manifest Highest Potential. Along the way he figured there must have been other people who have come before him who’ve were met with the same challenges he was facing to find true happiness and inner peace.

Mastin opened up Google and started searching. He found that all people from all parts of History and all walks of life had different morsels of wisdom to offer Mastin on his journey. He found a common thread shared by: philosophers, artists, authors, mystics, religious leaders, inventors, entrepreneurs, musicians, politicians, athletes, actors, polymaths, prophets, media moguls and every day people alike. His search drove him deeper into reading book after book after book, attending seminars, soaking up the wisdom traditions and always looking deeper for more insight on how to improve the human condition.

Mastin discovered an inspirational buffet of knowledge and started combining all of these teachings into his own life. Shortly, he thought it would be fun to share them with his friends on MySpace and started posting bulletins. That evolved into sharing the quotes on Facebook and through email. A friend pestered Mastin to start up a Twitter account, and he did reluctantly.


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