By Brittany Trubridge

Today we hear so much talk about being authentic. It’s like, the next step in our wellness revolution. But what does it actually take to be authentic?

When I first started working to bring more awareness into my own “authenticity” I was sure that this meant fine tuning my ability to get in touch with my my soul and to let that truth shine. This meant I needed to meditate more and pay close attention to what was taking place during these experiences so that I could later articulate them the best I could. Over time, I realized that not only was this disrupting my meditations, but I was also over-analyzing my “authenticity” by speaking to strongly from my mind. Completely boring people out of their own minds. “Yawn, tell me something I don’t know!”

Over time I began to realize that authenticity did not actually encompass what I had previously assumed it meant. And I realized that there was some confusion as to whether this truth comes forth from the spirit, the mind or from the heart.

Though vastly limited in complete understanding, the mind is probably the closest we can get to that spiritual experience in a logical way. But if we continually project our authenticity from the mind we risk being fanatical or rigid in our views. To be heard clearly, we must be graceful. Accepting but firm, fearless but caring -we must operate from the heart.

The heart is the center of balance in the human body. It is fused with essences of both the infinite spirit as well as the finite human experience. It is where we make sense of our reality in a loving way and find the courage to present it to the world.

It is not uncommon to feel afraid that our truth will not be accepted by everyone. It is not easy to be vulnerable. And it is not untrue that our expression will not make sense to everyone. However, it is an important part of the process to define who we do vibe well with so that we can surround ourselves with like-minded people to create an environment of acceptance and affluence.

So how do we do navigate this?

Take time to create clarity in your mind. Meditation is one way to do this but we’re all different and the possibilities are infinite…what anchors you to the moment? Invite your intentions and passions to present themselves to you in this space. Once you are clear on what these intentions and passions are, let them mingle and meet at your heart center where they can become infused with the sparkle and color of your feelings.

Remember, there is a part of us that we all share and so the fundamental essence of what we put forth has all been said and done before, but when you also take the time to get in touch with what lovingly makes you you and allow these universal truths to infuse with your unique experiences that it is reborn again. A spiritual warrior is simply one who continues to carry this torch.

Everything in balance.

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