I get this question all the time. In my experience (losing 40 pounds doing only yoga!), yes…and no.

Yoga can be one of the most effective ways to lose weight and tone the body…or it can be one of the least. It all depends on which style you choose.

Of course, some of the yogis among us might react negatively to yoga being promoted as a way to do something as supposedly mundane as torch calories and drop a few pounds. I’ve heard this more than a few times: Yoga is not about the superficial body.

Of course, I beg to differ. I would say that no, yoga is not only about the physical, yet we walk around in this body and we have the responsibility to take care of it.

If we really believe that yoga, a practice of coming into alignment with our best selves ever, works holistically on every level, then a focus on transforming the body can’t help but shift us in other aspects too.

As you do the following Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga sequence I designed to amp up your food-burning, fat-melting metabolism all day long, know that in agreeing to commit to your health today, you’ve just sent a powerful message to yourself:

Along with excess weight, you will begin to drop the other baggage of destructive habits and limiting stories that bind you to your old self. Along with the whole-body strength and core strength of my signature poses, you’ll build self esteem, and gain the endurance to stick with actions that lead you toward your ultimate goals rather than allowing secondary pleasures to sabotage you (read: the red velvet cupcakes at a co-worker’s birthday party).

The following poses will both tone the outer body muscles and raise your metabolism, they will stoke your inner heat, and help you detox and digest more efficiently–all good for keeping your core as healthy as your outer self. Aim for 15-30 minutes a day of this flow, and add in your favorite yoga moves as you wish. Have fun…

Now go rock your body, mind and heart from the inside out!


Stand at the front of your mat, feet wide, toes slightly turned out. Interlace all fingers except for the index, arms straight out in a Charlie’s Angel’s-esque position. Inhale, lower your hips into a low squat. Exhale, squeeze your pelvic floor and low belly upward and come up halfway. Repeat 5-10 times, then make your way to Down Dog.


In Down Dog, Press hands and feet into the mat, lift your low belly, and raise the right leg. Maintain centered hips. Exhale, curl your spine as you bring right knee to chest, shoulders over wrists. Lift your hips high. Repeat 5-10 times, and on your last exhale, step the right foot to the right thumb.


Keep your back heel lifted, root your feet down, lift the belly and roll your spine up into high lunge, arms overhead. Bring your palms together and place your left elbow on right knee. Lengthen your spine, and take 3-5 exhales here, spinning more with the mid and upper side waist and less with the arms.


Keep the twist but step your left foot forward into Chair pose. Inhale, reach the sky at center into regular chair, and exhale, palms back together, twist to the left. Inhale center, exhale to the right. Do this 5-10 times, then fold forward into a gentle forward bend to catch your breath.


After your forward fold, find Dog Pose, then bend your knees to the floor, and surrender your head and arms down for a few restorative moments. Rock your hips gently from side to side. When you’re ready, return to Dog Pose, step or hop into a wide squat, and begin the sequence on the other side!

Sadie is a renowned Ultimate Wellness expert, founder of Core Strength Vinyasa Yoga and creator of the Amazon #1 bestselling Total Transformation DVD series. She’s a pro resource for Dr. Oz’s Sharecare. Sadie is the author of “The Road Trip Guide to the Soul” and the top selling 21-Day Yoga Body at DailyOm.com. She tours internationally bringing the message of total core strength to students everywhere.

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