MP: Last time I talked to you, you were driving in the canyons, and I was telling you about how we saw you at SXSW and could not tell that you just had a baby.

Dev: (laughs) Oh, thank you.

MP: As a woman, what is it that makes you vulnerable?

Dev: I remember when I first started making music, you know, in the industry, I work with a lot of males. It really just depends, whether I was talking about love or being scared of whether it’s success or failure, growing up, you know? Little things like that. I think now, since I’ve had a child, really the only thing that makes me feel vulnerable is her.

MP: And I heard that you had a high-risk pregnancy.

Dev: Mm-hm.

MP: How do you balance being a mother and a full-time artist? I saw your tour schedule, and you had three top hits on the Billboard One Hundred. You’re constantly touring and collaborating. Do you feel pulled or stretched?

Dev: Yeah. When I was pregnant, I worked as much as I could until my doctor told me to stop because of the high risk. And then once I had her, she spent a few months in the hospital and then went back for a couple weeks. She’s pretty much been in and out since she’s been born. It’s hard, definitely. I’d do a show and go straight to the hospital and sleep at the hospital. I think my fiancé, he definitely helped me a lot to sort of balance the career and then her health and her condition. But it made me so much stronger. I think it made her so much stronger, me, and my fiance, and just my family overall.

MP: Right. Has your lifestyle changed?

Dev: (laughs) Yeah, one hundred percent. It had to. I can’t even go to bed kind of tipsy; I’m gonna have to wake up like every three hours, you know? It is for the better. If I didn’t have her, who knows where I would be right now. I think that she definitely helped me get my sh*t together, that’s for sure. (laughs)

MP: (laughs) I noticed how you are really redefining sexy, young and fresh, and all of these beautiful things, with having a child. I find there’s more depth and more texture, and it’s more interesting.

Dev: That’s actually awesome. Thank you.

MP: Do you find that is there any push back? Like, oh, now you have a child, do you find that there’s a career push back at all?

Dev: You know, it’s funny. When I was pregnant, I was definitely worried that I wouldn’t be able to say some things in my songs or go certain places or be sexy, I guess, overall. It is my first child, and I still didn’t know what to expect in the aftermath. But I think, if anything now, she’s given me a lot of confidence. I feel like Superwoman. I feel like the sexiest I ever have. I am definitely a lot more comfortable in my own skin, and I don’t really second guess myself as much as I think I did when I first started doing music. It makes me excited for my upcoming albums and shows and things like that. Hopefully, people can tell.

MP: Well, I can tell. What projects do you have coming up right now that you’re excited about? Do you have any new music coming out?

Dev: Actually, I’m taking some time off this summer from doing shows. I’ll definitely end up in the studio making new music. I’m writing more than I ever have. I’m thinking in a whole new direction, just listening to myself a lot more. We’ll have a whole lot more live instrumentation performing with a whole band and traveling like that as opposed to just me and a DJ. It’ll be cool. It’s funny; when I recorded the first album, I thought I knew everything. (laughs) I really did, and now, I look back and go, Oh my God. Who was letting her record an album? You know? Nineteen. I have a lot more to say, and I’ve experienced a lot over these past few years.

MP: Is there anybody in particular that you plan on collaborating with this next six to eight months?

Dev: Yeah. I have a session lined up with Diplo. He’s a cool friend. And maybe Sia.

MP: She’s a legend. I love Sia!

MP: Do you ever get tired of people referencing the G6 song?

Dev: (laughing) They’re like, “Yeah! It’s the G6 girl.” It’s so whack. No. I feel very fortunate. I had just turned 21, and my dad called me and was like, “You have one of those annoying songs on the radio! This is f*cking awesome!” (laughing) I feel really fortunate that I got to experience that. Hearing my songs all over the place, doing T.V. It’s made me really set my name up as a performer and as an artist. At the same time, maybe when I’m 40 and people keep asking me about that song, I might get sick of it. Right now, I’m so lucky that I got to do that. It’s funny. Hopefully, as I continue to make more music, people will be able to figure me out. I hope it doesn’t get too bad. (laughs)

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