Images Courtesy of Jasper Johal

Image Courtesy Jasper Johal

My motto in life is ‘aim true’. It came from my love of Artemis, the goddess of the hunt. She inspired me to sport a gold arrow around my neck because it reminded me of her strength and that I can always hit my mark when I set intention, follow what makes my heart beat, and aim true. The arrow was a reminder that I can cut through any obstacles, that I have power, beauty, and the ability to choose love over fear every moment of my life.

I take my fearless approach into my teaching by helping my students to realize their potential through yoga. I have a gift for making difficult poses accessible and reminding people that postures, and anything in life, are only as hard as you make them out to be. There’s always two sides to the coin if you have the patience to see.

Image Courtesy of Jasper Johal

I took my fear to literal heights and went skydiving over a year ago. It was in that moment, gazing over the precipice of the plane, when I realized what scared me the most, the unknown. Life seems so much easier when it’s planned out and guaranteed. I went from the worst fear of my life into the best feeling I’ve ever experienced, in a matter of seconds. It made me think of all the opportunities to love that we’ve missed out on because we’re too afraid to take that leap. It inspired me so much that I’ve become a certified skydiver and plan on teaching it alongside yoga to remind myself and others that aiming true and following your heart is always richer than sitting in a place of fear. I hope to encourage people to take flight on their mats, in their lives, and in their hearts.

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