Terri Cole

What inspires you most?

Being a witness and a catalyst for clients to embrace their pure potential and create happy, meaning-filled lives.

What makes you happy?

Being anywhere and doing just about anything with my husband, Victor.

What makes you vulnerable?

Loving deeply makes me vulnerable to feeling loss deeply.

Where do you see yourself in five years?

I see myself continuing to empower people to expand their idea of what is possible through writing, speaking, and media. I see Vic and I spending a few months a year traveling around the country visiting our ever-growing blended family. I see myself rocking a hardcore daily yoga practice with an incredibly flexible, healthy body.

How would you guide the youth of today in hopes of providing a platform of love and honesty?

I would challenge them to think for themselves, look within, find a mentor, be kind, and volunteer their time.

Do you spend time away from the internet? If so, where and what do you spend your time doing?

I don’t start the cyber part of my day until I have meditated, consumed green juice (that Vic usually makes), and exercised. Sunday is a no-tech day. We split our time between the New York Berkshires and the East Village in Manhattan. If we are in the country, we hike, snowshoe, do yoga, spend time with my sisters and my mother, cook the bounty from Vic’s organic garden, and read. If we are in the city, we walk, spend time with friends, cook, and exercise.

What do you do to stay balanced? Mind, body and spirit?

Every day I meditate, do an energy routine that my friend Lara Licharowicz created, and use Emotional Freedom Technique (The Tapping Solution) to stay balanced. Four times as week, I do a combination of yoga, Intensati, and Zumba. I have mentors, am in therapy myself, and have incredible friendships that I count on to keep me sane. I also put a high priority on having fun while doing everything.

When you go to sleep at night, do you feel accomplished that you are making a difference in the world? Tell us about what makes you smile most.

I have no doubt I am making a difference, as I see my clients and students transform their lives. Like many conscious people, I want to do more and reach more people who are in emotional pain.

My awesome blended family makes me smile most. Fifteen years ago, I married a widower with three sons. I don’t use the word “step” because there is no step between us. Creating my family with Vic and the boys remains the single most important defining experience of my life.

What is your guiltiest pleasure?

My subscription to People magazine just might be my guiltiest pleasure.

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