Maranda Pleasant: What makes you come alive?

Noelle Scaggs: I would say getting time with my nieces and my godson and just watching them grow. I always feel like a new human being after getting the time to talk with them and getting to know their personalities. Of course, it really gives me a peek into what it would be like to be a mother one day.

MP: What makes you feel vulnerable?

NS: Would it be too cliche to say, trusting people? I can honestly say that I have a hard time with giving in as quickly as others in my life seem to. I think it is the fear of disappointment, though at this stage in my life accepting that being disappointed is sometimes an inevitable outcome that no one can control, is slowly easing the tension I feel when it comes to this particular word.

MP: If you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

NS: Be conscious of one another and everything that we are connected to in this world of ours (not just your relatives and friends). Being aware is a lot more than just reading a couple of news articles and talking about it on your preferred social network.

MP: How do you handle emotional pain?

NS: It depends on the cause, but crying is normally involved. Before I began seeing a therapist, I lost a few iPhones due to chucking them across a room. I’m proud to say I no longer do that.

MP: Tell me about your latest project.

NS: Well, my band Fitz And The Tantrums released our second Album this past spring called, More Than Just A Dream. Right now, we are in the midst of beginning our next round of touring in support of the album. Our new single, The Walker, has been doing really well so far. The song recently walked it’s way along with Ellen DeGeneres and 200 tuxedo wearing dancers in the 2014 Oscar commercial, which has been pretty fantastic for us as it’s allowed us to introduce our music to a vast new audience. #WorldDomination

MP: How do you keep your center in the middle of chaos? Do you have a daily routine?

NS: On the road, I try to maintain my connections with friends and family as much as I possibly can. That keeps me pretty grounded. I also like to discover little treasures in the cities we are in like a really amazing restaurant. I will go on my own and enjoy figuring out the ingredients as if I were making it at home, then I share my finds on my socials. I find that these little adventures bring me peace, because it is something I do when I am home. I love talking about food, and bringing people together to enjoy it.

MP: What’s been one of your biggest lessons so far in your life?

NS: Learning patience and learning that being patient even in the thickest of storms can be the one device that may catapult you over any obstacle.

MP: What truth do you know for sure?

NS: Perfection is what we create in our own mind. I prefer the flaw.

As the female counterpart to lead singer “Fitz” of the chart-topping, show-stopping modern pop combo, Fitz And The Tantrums, Noelle Scaggs is renowned for her electric live performances. Pickin’ Up the Pieces, their 2010 debut album, spent 73 weeks on Billboard’s Heatseekers chart, peaking at No. 1 while Rolling Stone praised the “big, bright new groove” of their 2013 follow-up, More Than Just A Dream.

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