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Chris Grosso: I’d like to begin by discussing the David Lynch Foundation For Consciousness-Based Education and World Peace. Can you talk a bit about what “Consciousness-Based Education” is and how it can help create peace in the world?

David Lynch: Sure. Consciousness-Based Education is education that is in most ways exactly like regular education, but with the added technique of Transcendental Meditation. Transcendental Meditation, or TM as it’s often referred to, allows students to dive in and experience the unbounded ocean of consciousness within each of us, the big treasury, the field within each of us that is the base of all matter and all mind. It’s been found that transcending and experiencing that unbounded, eternal level of life does wonders for education, and for human beings.

Transcendental Meditation is a mental technique, so you travel to this field through subtler levels of mind, and then subtler levels of intellect, and then, at the border of intellect, you transcend and experience it. With each experience of the unbounded ocean of consciousness, you infuse it into your life and therefore expand whatever consciousness you had to begin with. Tied to consciousness are all positive qualities, so that ocean within is an ocean of unbounded intelligence, unbounded creativity, unbounded happiness, unbounded love, unbounded energy, and unbounded peace. And when students start expanding consciousness in those positive qualities, their relationships improve, their grades go up, their happiness goes up, the fighting and bullying stops, and things get very, very, very good.

The side effect of expanding consciousness is that negativity starts to evaporate; it goes away like darkness when you turn on a light. Many students have so much torment, stress, depression, sorrow and hate in them these days, but then they get this technique and the negativity starts to go away. They start to feel good because the torment is leaving. Their health gets better and they get happier, their comprehension and their ability to focus grow, their grades go up and a joy for life grows; all of which comes from within.

A few other things happen with the students also. They don’t feel like slamming their fists into one another’s faces anymore, or if someone does hit them, or insults them, they don’t feel the need to slam their fists into that person’s face. Things roll off their back and they’re able to see that the person who said or did that thing is filled with stress and torment. Now, instead of hitting or insulting them back, they’d rather respond by saying, “Hey Jack, let’s sit down and have a cup of coffee.” And that’s just how it goes.

Consciousness-Based Education is just plugging us all into the beautiful, eternal field within, and then watching things get better, which is what happens. It’s a field of infinite, unbounded peace within every human being, and when you experience it, you enliven that peace. People feel the inner peace and inner contentment grow, and they feel very good about that. Things get better.

CG: That’s truly inspiring, and on behalf of myself, and ORIGIN Magazine, thank you for taking the initiative to introduce Consciousness-Based Education into our school systems. I think most people would agree it’s something desperately needed these days.

DL: Thank you for saying that, Chris, I really appreciate it.

CG: Do you feel like meditation has impacted your own creative work?

DL: That’s a difficult question to answer because I was, as everyone is, creative to a certain degree, one way or another – I was working and making things – before I began meditation. And I’ve been meditating for almost forty-one years now, so it’s hard to say what I’d be like without it.

I do remember, however, the way I was before I started meditating. I had a torment inside of me, a kind of depression, and looking back I see that I was weak inside. I wonder if I would have been able to make it through some of those situations. Most likely, I would have been very close to wanting to commit suicide at times, if not for meditation. I wasn’t self-assured. I had many, many doubts, and a lot of internal anger that I would take out on my first wife.

The interesting thing that happens for many people when they first start meditating is that they’ll be doing it for a few months, and they will begin to change, but the experience is so subtle that they’re not even aware of it. Other people will start to notice though. They may say things like, “You’re not so uptight,” or, “You’re not so angry, what’s the deal? What have you been doing?” But it’s a very natural process to the person who’s meditating, almost as if they’d always been that way.

In my case what happened is that within about two weeks of beginning meditation, the anger already started to go away. My wife came to me and said, “What’s going on?” and I said, “What are you talking about?” To which she replied, “This anger, where did it go?” I didn’t even realize that my anger had been going away. So I started getting more self-assured and happier inside and that is a very important thing – you just begin to get happy while doing almost anything.

Another thing that happens is that ideas flow more freely. They say that negative things like stress, anxiety, tension, sorrow, and depression “squeeze the tube” so ideas don’t flow through it. But if you get rid of that negativity, which goes away naturally when you transcend every day, these ideas are more freely flowing, and you get happy in the doing. You get fresh and inspiring ideas, and a bigger picture starts to emerge of the world and life. It’s very good for the artist, businessman, fisherman, and any kind of person really.

Another thing that flourishes is intuition, and I always say that intuition is the number one tool for an artist. Intuition is knowingness, and this field of unbounded knowing, of knowingness, is within every human being. You start tapping into that and it becomes an ocean of solutions. When something isn’t quite right, you somehow know a way to make it right, and this is a beautiful, beautiful thing that grows the more that you infuse that being, that unified field, that ocean of consciousness.

So it serves the work, and it serves the life: happy in the doing.

CG: “Happy in the doing.” I love that. What does spirituality mean to you?

DL: You could say that spirituality is bliss, and bliss is physical happiness, emotional happiness, mental happiness, and spiritual happiness. And it’s intense. It’s an intense happiness. It brings you together with everything. They say the full potential of the human being is called enlightenment, which is infinite consciousness, infinite happiness, zero negativity, zero dying, complete freedom, total fulfillment, and being at one with everything. You can say it’s God realization, or you can say you sit at the feet of the Lord as master of all you survey. You could say it’s totality, total knowledge, and that you are that totality. This is every human being’s birthright: to one day enjoy supreme enlightenment, unity. It’s like the big graduation.

CG: I heard you’ll be releasing a remixed EP of some of your songs for Record Store Day. Can you talk about that and anything else you’re currently working on musically?

DL: I’m not doing anything musically right now because the engineer in my studio, Big Dean Hurley, has taken a sabbatical and is working with somebody else. I am writing some things though. Moby did a remix of “The Big Dream,” and that’s what’s coming out on Record Store Day. Moby is a friend and a genius in the music world.

CG: The rumor mill has been flooded with conjecture over a Twin Peaks reboot, or even a new film. You’ve publicly stated, however, that these rumors are just that – rumors. Do you foresee yourself revisiting Twin Peaks in any capacity, or has that ship sailed?

DL: The new material that people are talking about is for the Blu-ray, and somehow, mixed up in all of that, rumors began to surface. I don’t know how they started, but everything new is strictly for the Blu-ray release and that’s it.

Chris Grosso is an independent culturist, speaker, freelance writer and musician. He created the popular hub for all things alternative, independent, and spiritual with TheIndieSpiritualist.com, and continues the exploration with his bestselling debut book, Indie Spiritualist: A No Bullshit Exploration of Spirituality.


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