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Maranda Pleasant: What makes you come alive or inspires you?

Angie Martinez: I love what I do because I get to talk to the people who change the game: the influencers, visionaries who make things happen in music and culture. That’s inspiring to me.

MP: What makes you feel vulnerable?

AM: Big decisions. My recent move from Hot 97 to Power 105.1 was hard for me but necessary for where I am in my career right now. It wasn’t easy to say goodbye to my Hot 97 family, but I knew that in order to really grow, I had to take the leap with Clear Channel.

MP: If you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

AM: “Do you. Just focus on being the best version of yourself that you can be every day, and don’t compare yourself to anyone else or worry about what they’re doing. It’s amazing what you can accomplish when you really strive to be better.”

I make time for myself and focus on new goals. Right now, I’m training for the 2014 NYC Marathon. I’m running at least five times a week! This is definitely some- thing new for me; I’ve never been a serious runner, so it’s a serious challenge for me.

MP: What’s been one of your biggest lessons so far in life?

AM: Always keep things in perspective. While I was making the jump to Power 105.1, Jay Z told me something that really helped me step back and reframe. He said, “Your future is ahead of you. Imagine the notion of the past fifteen years of your life being a blip in your story.” So true.

MP: What causes or organizations are you passionate about?

AM: I’m actually running the NYC Marathon for PitCCh In Foundation, which was started by my dear friend C. C. Sabathia of the New York Yankees and his lovely wife, Amber, and gives back to inner-city youth.

The CHALK center is also a great organization providing education on healthy eating and lifestyle for families in Washington Heights and Inwood.

MP: Tell me about your yoga practice. What influence has it had on your life?

AM: I never really had a regular yoga practice until recently, now that I’m training for the NYC Marathon. I’ve been doing a lot of yoga to help with my running, recovery, and mental clarity. It works great for me.

MP: Tell me about your latest projects.

AM: The Beat and the 2014 NYC Marathon,I’m also extremely passionate about healthy cooking. I have a website called Healthy Latin Eating and will be debuting a cookbook with chef Angelo Sosa featuring healthier versions of classic Latin recipes in 2015.

I am also a correspondent for Extra here in New York. It’s as fun for me to be in front of the camera as it is to be on the radio.

MP: Why are these important to you?

AM: For all different reasons! The projects I’m working on are all diverse, but each represents a different passion for me. I’m constantly looking to stretch myself.

Angie Martinez, known as “The Voice of New York,” has nearly twenty years of on-air experience and an interview roster that reads like a who’s who of today’s top players, including President Barack Obama, Jay Z, Beyoncé, Kim Kardashian, and Naomi Campbell.


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