MARANDA PLEASANT: What makes you come alive/ inspires you?

DANIELLE CORMACK: Laughter. It connects me to the moment, the people around me, nothing like a good belly laugh to feel alive. And having sex outdoors, of course…

MP: What makes you feel vulnerable?

DC: Being in love. Intimacy on that level can be so exposing. Accepting that vulnerability and allowing myself to be completely transparent is an ongoing process for me.

MP: if you could say something to everyone on the planet, what would it be?

DC: Be mindful, exercise kindness, to yourselves, to each other.

MP: How do you handle emotional pain?

DC: Dramatically at first. If there were an award given for these moments, then I would have a mantle full of gold statuettes. Then I take stock and seek counsel from people I trust and talk myself into a state of reflection and remember that it won’t last forever.

MP: How do you keep your center in the middle of chaos? Do you have a daily routine?

DC: I put everything aside and enter my four-year-old son’s world of imagination and play. Both my children’s hugs are the best. Jumping on my motorcycle and riding through the Yarra Ranges in Australia comes a close second.

MP: What’s been one of your biggest lessons so far in life?

DC: That nothing is permanent. Joy, sorrow, pain, pleasure— everything is in a constant state of change. Thankfully.

MP: What truth do you know for sure?

DC: I’m not going to live forever.

MP: tell me about your latest projects.

DC: Shooting season three of Wentworth, an Australian series set in a women’s prison. Customizing my motorcycle. Building a city out of Lego with my four-year old. It’s going to be huge!

MP: Why are these important to you?

DC: My work is one of my passions, so I want to treat it with great importance, whatever the project or role. As any motorcycle enthusiast can probably attest to, getting your motorcycle looking and riding the best certainly holds a high rating of importance. And if I don’t finish the Lego city with my son, then I meet the wrath of an extremely assertive four-year-old project manager.

Danielle Cormack has had an extensive career in film, theater, and television across both Australia and New Zealand. She can currently be seen on the hit TV show Wentworth and previously on the popular TV series Underbelly: Razor and Rake.



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