By Coby Kozlowski

In this excerpt adapted from her forthcoming book Wave Rider, Kripalu Yoga teacher trainer Coby Kozlowski offers reflections that encourage us to pursue life with intention and openness in the new year.

You can cultivate the garden you want to live in. Start with the idea—the seed—of what you want to cultivate in your life, take the steps to create the conditions for that seed to grow, and then watch it bloom. If you’ve never planted seeds before, try it now. Watch the process of growth—notice how each plant flowers in its own time, and what a miracle it is to watch the unfolding. And remember that, if you plant something you don’t like, you can always change your mind, pull it out, and plant something else. It’s part of the experiment. Your life is one experiment after another. You can always plant something new. You are always free to make new decisions and choices.

We’ve been given a unique opportunity to create a world in which we want to live. I want to live in a world where there is collaboration, where there is cooperation, where there is diversity, and we celebrate each other’s opinions. How do we come together and create something that’s magical? How do we unlearn the idea that we can’t change, that the world won’t change, that this is just the way it is? That way of thinking is part of what blocks the possibilities. Yoga invites us to notice our beliefs and open our minds to the possibility of a paradigm shift. It begins with planting the seeds of who we’re meant to be.

Coby KozlowskiImagine walking past a field of sunflowers. You know each sunflower seed is called to become the beautiful expression of how we know a sunflower is supposed to look. We don’t expect the sunflower seed to grow into the shape of any other flower. The same is true for what you can expect of yourself. When you walk the path toward the fullest expression of who you are, there’s no need to try to be someone else. You are needed, just as you are called to be. You aren’t here to see if you fall short when you measure yourself against another. You are here to learn how to recognize your own callings, and to explore.

Like the sunflower is called to be the sunflower, you are called to be uniquely you. You are called to live out the full expression of who you are. You are here to be what you’re supposed to be. Everyone isn’t meant to be the same. The world is full of unique blossoms, and you are one part of this beautiful garden.

PHOTO: John Dolan

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