Interview: Robert Piper

Robert Piper: What inspires you?

Daniella Alonso: The person that inspires me and has inspired me my whole life is my grandmother. She’s strong, head of the household, the person everyone turns to, the one that can solve problems. She’s just so warm and caring, loving, but at the same time very strong and can do anything, in my eyes. A great role model and someone that I aspire to be like in life. People that do good in the world or that want to do good, that have good intentions and want to help other people, and people that aren’t concerned with themselves but more [with] others and helping in service of others—that inspires me.

RP: How do you stay healthy?

DA: That’s hard. It really is, because I have the biggest sweet tooth ever. I love chocolate, I love sugar, all that stuff. But I’ve learned to kind of not eat it but just treat myself every now and then with something. Because if you avoid it completely, then I personally go crazy. Then I binge and eat everything. I just try to eat things in moderation and find exercise that I enjoy, because I’m not a gym person. I cannot go to the gym and run on the treadmill and do weights for two hours. It’s the most boring thing in the world for me, so I found martial arts. I love karate. I like boxing. Just finding things that you enjoy and getting exercise out of them as opposed to just hitting the gym.

RP: How do you deal with overcoming failure?

DA: I think failure is just a part of life. You can’t avoid it in anything. I just accept it as a part of life and something that’s going to happen, and you use it to grow. You use it, you learn from it, and you grow from it. You develop a thick skin from it. I guess just accepting it is the thing. I don’t really look at it as a failure. I look at them as learning lessons and things you grow from but not really a failure, because that’s life. What are you going to do? You can’t do anything about it.

RP: What projects are you working on?

DA: I have a couple of films that are coming out. I have a film that I shot in the Dominican Republic which I am so proud of. It’s called Isolated Victim. It was the most life-changing, beautiful experience of my life, shooting in the Dominican Republic. I have a film called Re-Kill, which is a zombie/apocalyptic film. And Mall Cop 2 coming out in April, which is just a fun family comedy. It’s going to be such a great project, and aside from those films, back in L.A. for pilot season, and we’ll see what happens.

Daniella Alonso can be seen in the new movies Paul Blart: Mall Cop 2, Isolated Victim, and Re-Kill.

Photo: Jsquared Photography

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