​They Document, Capture, and Create Beauty to Inspire Action and Change.

They Use Art to Inform and Protect, Giving a Greater Voice to Endangered Species, Indigenous Peoples, Threatened Land, and the Oceans.

Andy MaserAndy Maser
Emmy Award-winning Director /Director of Photography Freelance for National Geographic, PBS, World Wildlife Fund, and brands

I came to film from a recreational background. I grew up playing on mountains and in rivers and developed a love for those places. Over the years I’ve grown to be passionate about protecting the places that I love to play. I feel like that’s a level that everyone on Earth can connect on—we all love to play! My passion is producing film that taps into that basic joy and inspires people to action.

Photo: Pete Mather

Pete McBridePete McBride
Photographer/Filmmaker, Pete McBride Productions

Working as one who conveys stories through visuals—photography and film—I am always inspired to capture those rare, fleeting moments that pass so quickly, but often etch upon our memories permanently. Imagery, however, is just a tool to share what “carries my blood”—my late grandfather’s term for passion. The stories of wild places and things—those that still exist and those that have been lost—rivers, forests, elusive wildlife, and courageous friends are what truly move my soul.

Photo: Pete McBride

Morgan Heim Morgan Heim
Conservation Photographer + Filmmaker, Day’s Edge Productions

Every time I pick up a camera, it is for one purpose—to capture a moment in an animal’s life that will make us consider what that life means. Inevitably, their stories intertwine with ours. How we treat them. Why we need them. What we love or hate about them. Their lives are more dynamic than anything we could imagine. I want to share how much that matters. They are the greatest thing that ever lived.

Photo: Nathan Dappen / Day’s Edge Productions

Caroline BennettCaroline Bennett
Storyteller & Explorer, words | pictures | action + Amazon Watch

Photographer working to shake the world awake through storytelling in the Amazon and beyond.
What role should indigenous knowledge and practices play in confronting our greatest modern challenges like climate change? I’m wild about leveraging the immense power of visual storytelling to bring critical voices from Earth’s last wilds to global conversations, decision makers, and the world in a way that connects us as fellow humans and spurs action to protect this planet that we share. We are at the crossroads of a digital revolution and a values-driven era with an amazing opportunity for photoactivism!

Photo: Courtesy Amazon Watch |

Nicolas Brown Nicolas Brown
Adventure/Conservation Filmmaker

My passion is our beautiful planet and all the wonderful wildlife living here with us. We must never forget that humans are just another animal species. We have the potential to destroy so much of the world—especially when we act mindlessly. But we equally have the potential to preserve and protect our planet. For me storytelling is a way of inspiring people. I want other people to care about the wild as much as I do.

Photo: Ami Vitale

Robert Clyse JacksonRobert Clyse Jackson
Independent Filmmaker

​Creates short documentary films to preserve history and inform the future.
I have a lot of passions​,​ but most of them see the light of day through the process of creating short documentary-style films. The process of developing a strong relationship with a subject or location; earning unparalleled access into that person’s life or location’s nuances; waking up each morning feeling invigorated by the opportunity to share an important story that deserves magnification to the greater world. For these reasons and many more, my work is my paramount passion.

Photo: Didrik Johnck

Cristina Mittermeier Cristina Mittermeier
C​onservation photographer
Executive Director, Sea Legacy

Her photography focuses on the fragile intersection between indigenous people and nature.
My passions lie in places where the beauty and frailty of our planet’s natural and cultural wonders best shine. I roam the world searching for ways to protect things that are irreplaceable and whose disappearance would be a tragedy, whether we are aware of it or not. From languages to traditions and from wildlife to habitats, the gift of creativity and the ability to communicate are the vehicles I use to express those passions.

Photo: Cristina Mittermeier

Chelsea RicherChelsea Richer
Independent Filmmaker

​​Creates documentary films promoting the well-being of our environment and humanity.
It is part of our original human equation to embed ourselves in the roots and reflections of wilderness. My passion is creating documentaries to encourage that. While I do not think that watching scenery on a monitor brings the same benefits as physically being outside, I do believe that powerful imagery plays a vital role in driving people to seek out nature. And, when people
return to the great outdoors, they are more inspired to protect our precious resources.

Photo: Robert Clyse Jackson

Jenny NicholsJenny Nichols
Filmmaker​,​ Pongo Media​

The moment (when watching your film) the audience utters in unison “ah-ha!” The “ah-​h​a” moment as a filmmaker is when you succeed in making connections, communicating a message, appealing to your audience’s values, engaging. That’s why I’m passionate about showing subjects in a way that re-engages or re-defines, communicating science, culture, and conservation through film. Bringing stories to people who may otherwise assume they are not interested in the subject or irrelevant to the solution.

Photo: Joe Riis / Elk River

Joanna NasarJoanna Nasar
Filmmaker. Director of Communications at Turtle Island Restoration Network

​​​This badass works to protect our oceans and wildlife by telling stories that inspire action.
I’m passionate about ​t​elling stories that make people fall madly in love with the ocean like I have.​ ​I see the power of those stories every day working at Turtle Island. For instance, we got American Airlines to stop shipping shark fins and halted efforts to take away protections for Hawaiian sea turtles simply because our community heard our story and then took action by giving or signing a petition. I’m passionate about telling stories that create an upwelling of support for our oceans.

Photo: Laurent Guezou

Ethan Welty Ethan Welty
Conservation and adventure photographer, ​E​nvironmental scientist, U​rban foraging evangelist​​

I am passionate about the Earth’s wild beauty and the diversity of human experience, the overarching themes I seek to celebrate and share through my photography. My research tackles the underlying questions of sustainability and change—How quickly are glaciers retreating? How do we encourage energy-efficient behavior? As the world population grows, and people migrate to cities, I have wondered: just how much food can we possibly grow in a city?

Photo: Obadiah Reid

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