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Q: What can’t you live without in your kitchen?
A: I most definitely can’t live without my Green Pans. I’m most certainly a low-calorie, “oil free” cook, so chemical-free nonstick ceramic pans make cooking with water a breeze. As much as I enjoy washing dishes, I can appreciate not spending all day doing it! Oh, and I can’t forget my spiralizer, which turns more than just zucchinis into low-calorie nutritious pasta!

Q: What does food represent to you?
A: Food is my anchor. I use the meal in front of me as a way to connect to my present. My hunger is for this meal and not next week’s or last month’s, so food is my meditative tool and reminder to be present in my life. Cooking enhances this. You get your hands on the ingredients and learn the processes and hopefully slow yourself down just long enough to appreciate these moments that make up your life. As a lifelong “fat kid,” I also appreciate the opportunity my next meal gives me to become the person I want to be. No matter who that kid was, eating that last calorie-laden dish, my next meal is a chance to do something positive for my future self—thankfully, he loves kale salads.

Q: Your fav dish?
A: I’m a sucker for a cooked breakfast. Going vegan doesn’t mean your Sunday morning can’t be filled with a warm, comforting, fat stack of protein pancakes! I blend oat flour and flax meal, along with my favorite vegan protein powder, to pack in a ton of muscle-building nutrients. Fresh fruit, a few pecans, and a drizzle of sweet maple syrup, and I’ve elevated my “breakfast in bed” game to a whole new level!

Oil-Free “Cheesy” Quinoa Focaccia

When I needed a healthy, low-carb bread to dress up my zucchini noodle spaghetti dish, I decided to put together my quick-and-easy oil-free, gluten-free, low-carb “Cheesy” Quinoa Focaccia. So deliciously easy and nutritious that even a VeganFatKid can make it!


¾ cup of white quinoa (well rinsed)
¼ cup of water
1 teaspoon of baking powder
½ teaspoon of Himalayan pink salt
1 tablespoon of nutritional yeast (or more if you like it
extra cheesy)
1 teaspoon of garlic powder
1 teaspoon of dried rosemary


1. Measure your quinoa and rinse thoroughly. Then place in a bowl, cover with water, and allow to soak for at least six hours (or overnight).
2. Preheat your oven to 425 degrees Fahrenheit.
3. Rinse and drain your soaked quinoa again and then place into a food processor, along with the water, baking powder, and salt.
4. Process your mixture until it’s nice and smooth.
5. Take a 6″ x 9″ baking dish and line with parchment paper.
6. Sprinkle half of your nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and rosemary on the paper to form an even layer covering the bottom of the pan.
7. Pour in your quinoa mixture and spread evenly.
8. Sprinkle the remainder of your nutritional yeast, garlic powder, and rosemary on top of mixture.
9. Bake in oven for 15 minutes.
10. Remove from oven and, using the ends of the parchment paper, carefully lift bread out of pan and place on counter.
11. Flip bread over and place back on parchment paper and into the baking dish.
12. Bake for another 7–10 minutes or until you reach the desired crust/color.
13. Remove from baking dish and allow to cool.
14. Enjoy!

*Original recipe adapted from Lauren Goslin.
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