On Reading Food Labels, Three Phrases to Live By, to Win for Love, Forward Thinking, and How We’re All in This Together

Interview: Robert Piper

Robert Piper: What inspires you?

Adam Rodriguez: Inspiration comes from so many things that it’s hard to define what that is or when it happens. It’s always been a strong feeling that comes over me in a given moment, and it feels like hope, desire, strength, magic, excitement. A supreme motivation to create or do something special. To win for love. And my hope is to incite that feeling of inspiration in as many other people as possible. To receive and pass along that baton to anyone willing to carry it further. I guess the answer to the question would be I’m inspired by the work of those (and sometimes even the people themselves) who strive to inspire.

RP: What is the hardest obstacle you’ve had to overcome in your life?

AR: They all seem like the hardest in the moments you’re faced with them.

Because obstacles will always present themselves, the hardest obstacle of all is developing a way of living, a way of practicing your approach to life that allows you to keep a healthy perspective on things.

A perspective that allows you to consistently make decisions based on the right set of criteria. Positivity and forward thinking. I work on that one every day, and every day I get a little better. Better at knowing that there is no obstacle that I cannot overcome. Nothing I can be faced with that I won’t grow mentally stronger and wiser from having endured. Feeling alone is what most likely sparked this way of thinking. Realizing that everyone (consciously or subconsciously) feels alone too—but no matter what, we’re actually ALL together—is what has helped evolve my way of thinking about it. Life feels less lonely, and that’s a big obstacle to overcome.

RP: How do you stay healthy?

AR: I pay attention. I pay attention to what I eat and to how I balance that with physical and mental exercise. The same way I want to spend time filling my mind with the best information I can acquire from the best sources I can obtain, I also want to consume nourishment from the best sources for my body. We all have choices that we are empowered to make on a daily basis, and while
those choices can be limited by affordability and accessibility, we still have the opportunity to make our best choice. That best choice usually requires more effort and more thought, but, undeniably, the results are worth it. What you eat, how much you exercise, what example you set for those you influence are all matters of choice. Consistently making that best choice will add up to living your best life. Your health is the key to that. [It’s] hard to fully enjoy your time on Earth without having your health. Ask anyone battling health issues—most especially, issues that could have been avoided. For me, I read food labels, I seek out places to purchase the best-quality foods available to me, and I inquire about how they are produced (meats and fruits/vegetables). I try not to overeat (which is my biggest problem), and I find that when I’m eating quality foods from good sources, I don’t need to overeat to feel satisfied. I cook with healthy oils (olive, coconut) and stay away as much as possible from overly processed foods. When I do indulge, I enjoy it. For that moment. And then I balance it with exercise. Staying healthy is about really listening to your mind and body. They will both let you know when you’re doing things the right way for you. And when you’re not. You just need to be honest with yourself and listen to what they’re saying.

RP: What’s the best advice you could give someone about life?

AR: Three phrases that I do my best to live by:

1. The Golden Rule: Do unto others (as in people, Mother Nature) as you would have done to yourself.
2. Truly know thyself, and to thine own self be true.
3. Have dreams/goals and never quit working toward achieving them.

RP: What projects are you currently working on?

AR: I’m currently living in the great city of Chicago and having fun working on a tiny little show called Empire. Lol.

Adam Rodriguez is an actor who has appeared in CSI: Miami and Law & Order, and currently can be seen in Empire.

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