Leann Rimes On Why She Must Stay Healthy, Meditation, Being More Self-Aware, and Being Inspired by Everyday Interactions
Interview: Robert Piper

Robert Piper: What inspires you?

LeAnn Rimes: Oh, wow, big questions this morning! God, you know what, I guess just humanity. Every day of my life is going out in public and seeing people’s lives and listening to stories—all that kind of stuff musically inspires me. And living life, I mean, my two stepsons, my husband, I think every day-today interaction inspires me—as far as music goes—inspires my art.

RP: How do you stay healthy?

LR: Many different things. Health to me is an overall mind, body, and kind of spirit thing. I work out often—I switch back and forth between Pilates and circuit training, and then boxing. I’m a bit ADD when it comes to that because I get bored, so I like to switch it up. I also take a lot of supplements. I’ve battled psoriasis; I’ve had an autoimmune disease since I was two. So I’m very vigilant about taking care of myself and eating right and what I put in my body. It’s something that I had to be aware of since a young age. So health is a big deal. I also meditate; I kind of try to reduce stress that way. So, I’ve got all the bases covered at the moment.

RP: How do you find inspiration when creating music?

LR: I think that really it is just about being aware and a little more self-aware. Which can be a good and bad thing. But also just kind of aware of your surroundings. I am incredibly emotionally aware and connected with other people. You know, when you come see me live, you can see that different kind of connection and that connection with what I’m saying, and the things I’m singing about. So it really is about just keeping my eyes open. Like I’ll get into conversations with other people, and all of a sudden they will say something that sparks that… either the titles to me, or just the conversation itself will spark an idea for a song. Or even listening to a lot of other music inspires me, too. Like I’ll find something and be like, “I love this group!” And I want to write something that’s kind of like this. So it’s really, I mean, inspiration is everywhere! I think you just have to have your eyes open.

RP: What projects do you have coming up?

LR: I have a Christmas album that will be out called Today Is Christmas, and I just finished that, which I’m touring right after Thanksgiving on the West Coast. So I’m doing a Christmas tour and I’m working on new music for just another record and a few other things. This year is kind of a growth year for me to really, you know, just kind of sit back and create. And that’s what I’ve been doing in many different facets of business other than just music. There are a few other things that I’ve been working on. It’s really just about sitting back and creating, which has been nice because I haven’t really had a time like that where I was working on something new. I’m really excited for all the new stuff. I finished my record deal—I was with the same record label for twenty years. I finished that about a year and a half ago. So I’ve really just been figuring out where I wanna go, what I wanna do, and what I wanna sound like. It’s been fun.

LeAnn Rimes is an award-winning musician who has sold more than 44 million records worldwide.

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