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David YakosDavid Yakos
Director of Creativity + Co-owner,
Salient Technologies, Inc.

Bozeman, Montana
Inventor, maker, designer, painter, adventurer, and engineer. From aerospace to toys, he blurs the lines between art and engineering.

I am most passionate about sharing the world of invention. I am thrilled to have developed hundreds of products, from cryogenic valves for NASA to indestructible, environmentally friendly dog toys. I can now harness my cross-industry foundation to mentor youth and dream up toys and games that inspire creative play for kids around the world. Creativity is boundless, limitless, and free to everyone who is open to receive it.

Photo: Yarrow Kraner

Giovanna MingarelliGiovanna Mingarelli
Chief Executive Officer + Co-founder,
Mcrowdsourcing Canada, Inc. (MC2)

Collective action, fearless courage, and improving the state of the world—these three things inspire me every day and are the central driving forces in my life. I believe that one action, however big or small, can create ripples that have a lasting impact on us all. My goal is to make it really easy for us to take fearless action together in building a better world.

Photo: Jessica Deeks

Stuart RobertsonStuart Robertson
Contemporary Artist + Humanitarian,
Peace in 10,000 Hands

Queenstown, New Zealand
Photographing a single white rose, an ancient symbol of peace, in the hands of 10,000 people from every country on the planet.

I believe one of the most powerful things in the world is not man, a bomb, or a country, but an idea. I’m inspired that an idea has the ability to create change. I’m using photographic art as the borderless language, transcending boundaries both real and imagined, creating a spark powered by modern social networks, spreading as a living interactive global conversation for peace..

Photo: Semele Robertson

Gregory G. Gomez, Esq.Gregory G. Gomez, Esq.
Gomez & Vournas, LLC

I work to achieve social justice for the less fortunate by representing indigent criminal defendants in the Manhattan criminal courts. The criminal justice system needs reform. We should aim for significant changes, so that everyone can have equal protection under the law. Until then, many lower-income Americans, those people that need our help the most, require a strong advocate like myself to give them hope within this faulty system.

The Resilience Collaborative, LLCThe Resilience Collaborative, LLC
Katie Hoffman, Corie Radka, Roberta Giordano, and Mauricio Castillo are the founding partners of the Resilience Collaborative, LLC, a business designed to build the regenerative economy.

For those of us under the age of thirty, governments have been negotiating how to “address” climate change since before we were born. We see climate change happening all around us; it is getting exponentially worse the longer we fail to take action. But we have the resources, ingenuity, and vision to transform this challenge into a tremendous opportunity. This is the make-or-break-it decade, and we are the make-or-break-it generation.

Elan LeeElan Lee
Founder, Exploding Kittens
Los Angeles, California
Creator of Exploding Kittens (most-backed crowdfunding project ever), 42 Entertainment, and Fourth Wall Studios. Chief design officer at Xbox.

I get inspired by the notion of transforming people into extraordinary versions of themselves. I want to show you that you can leap tall buildings,
walk through walls, and change reality. Every TV show I’ve ever made, every game I’ve ever built, and every book I’ve ever published has had the
common thread of building the biggest, brightest spotlight imaginable and then flipping it around to shine on you.

Tom GruberTom Gruber
Product Designer, Apple
Santa Cruz, California
Co-founder and head of design for Siri, the intelligent virtual assistant. Led the team that created Siri’s conversational interface.

I am inspired to design experiences that people actually need and love to use. I believe that products should use technology to empower people of all abilities, to augment our minds and bodies, to make us better human beings. I am also a photographer of nature from the air, land, and water. I try to use photography to move people to action to save the wildlife in our beloved ocean.

Photo: Karina Louise

Trisha ShrumTrisha Shrum
Co-founder of DearTomorrow
Somerville, Massachusetts
Harvard Ph.D. candidate studying environmental economics, behavioral science, and climate change. Kansas native. Proud wife and mother. Lover of life, nature, and humanity

When I see the limitless ingenuity of individuals and markets, I know that we are capable of solving the toughest problems we face. When I see how the love for our children and for each other unites us across ideological divides and political boundaries, I know that, in the end, we will not let our differences stop us from fighting climate change, the biggest threat human civilization has ever faced.

Photo: Jessica Deeks

Ravé MehtaRavé Mehta
Founder, Helios Entertainment
Award-winning composer, pianist, and bestselling author of The Inventor, a graphic novel based on the true story of Nikola Tesla.

Acts of compassion, selflessness, and triumph. Whether it’s some stranger taking a few minutes to help an elderly lady across the street, a fireman running into the burning building to save a cat trapped under the table, or a war veteran doomed to a wheelchair using yoga and self-determination not only to walk again, but to run. These represent the true nature of our human spirit unleashed from our perceptual bonds of doubt, judgement, and fear.

Schuyler BrownSchuyler Brown
Partner, Sightful
New York, New York
Futurist and communications advisor who started Sightful in 2014 to bring consciousness to commerce.

Realizing the full weight of the ecological crisis, I have trained my vision on a regenerative future. My company, Sightful, helps big companies innovate with integrity by bringing environmentalists, activists, and entrepreneurs into the process. I teach in the Design for Social Innovation program at the School of Visual Arts, and am known as a catalyst for purposeful change bringing true insight to the
task of navigating chaos.

Photo: Brooke Slezak

Michelle Thaller, Ph.D.Michelle Thaller, Ph.D.
Deputy Director of Science Communication,
NASA Headquarters

NASA astrophysicist who specializes in communicating science to the public.

It is a tremendous honor to represent NASA, where I work beside some of the most brilliant, passionate, and dedicated people in the world. We’re not doing this for the money; we’re not parasites on society, frittering away your tax dollars. We are the most forward-thinking, innovative organization in the world. It’s time to own that a bit more, talk about the real pride we have in our work to explore the universe, and push every boundary that exists. |

Chloe MaxminChloe Maxmin
Founder, First Here, Then Everywhere
A youth climate activist since age 12, working to build a climate that effectively fights for all that we love.

What would you do for what you love? Climate change requires all to answer this question. I’m an activist because I love my home. At Harvard, I co-founded Divest Harvard, pushing Harvard to withdraw investments from fossil fuel companies threatening my home. We grew from three to seventy thousand people in three years. Now I’m a fellow with The Nation, creating platforms for the climate movement to become politically effective.

Photo: Marti Stone

Beth Altringer, Ph.D.Beth Altringer, Ph.D.
Faculty, Harvard University
Cambridge, Massachusetts
Psychologist, designer, multi-sensory researcher, technologist, creator of Desirability Lab, faculty at Harvard, and head of design research at Piaggio Fast Forward.

I’m deeply inspired by everyday moments of human experience—a meal, a view, an unexpected conversation, an act of generosity, a deep reflection. As a researcher, designer, and teacher, I break down what makes some experiences more desirable than others. I’m fascinated by how we might leverage technology to better understand and enhance the little moments that contribute so much in aggregate to our individual and shared quality of life.

Photo: Pierre Fatal

Aaron RasmussenAaron Rasmussen
Co-founder + Creative Director + CTO, MasterClass
San Francisco, California
Inventor, former roboticist, and now educator. Helps the world’s best share their knowledge through MasterClass.

I’m inspired by knowledge of the world, people, and art. I get a high off of learning a new concept, especially a difficult one, and finding out how that concept weaves into the grand story of reality. Any time I learn something new, it pushes me to create more, create better, and share. Teach me something, and I’ll remember you forever. Then I’ll try to do the same for you. |

Photo: Emily Caldwell

Christen LienChristen Lien
Composer. Performing Artist. Storyteller.
Los Angeles, California
Creates an innovative brand of musical storytelling through haunting
compositions and evocative performance art.

Context. Stories. Unicorns, rainbows, and darkness. Challenging dualism. The mysterious nature of creating art. Closing my eyes when I perform so I can see the music better. Concept albums. Laughing fits. Courageous women. Overdue confrontations. Defying expectations and creating new pathways. The wormhole of martial arts. GOOOOAALS!!! during the World Cup. Snakes and honeybees. Losing all sense of time. Our misunderstanding of Hope. Curiosity. Vulnerability. It all inspires me.

Photo: Josh Rubin

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