white girl in nepal crooked house

White Girl in Nepal: Sindhopalchok, Nepal following the devastating earthquakes in 2015.

Photography: Bojana Novakovic

De Re Gallery, Los Angeles

Photo Femmes will be on display exclusively at De Re Gallery

from April 13 -May 17 in Los Angeles: 8920 Melrose Ave.

Invited by the villagers, I took photos of the classes I conducted, the homes I lived in, and the people I met. I also took photos of the disastrous effects of the earthquake, but honestly, the photos don’t really show the soul of the place. The photos might be what we in the West want to see—to make us aware, or make us feel different, or perhaps to make us feel like we are doing something simply by being aware, even though we are so different. But the truth is that I spent time with people who, even though they were confused, tired, and homeless, were also beautiful, ego-less, and oftentimes happy. They live in a landscape unlike any I have seen. They live with minimal means and maximum awareness. They had their families (the ones who had survived) around them. They were busy working— re-building, cooking, teaching, learning, organizing, helping each other, and they did this slowly, with no sense of urgency. No panic. The kids particularly were eager to learn, to be seen, to be helped. They, and their families, opened their arms, eyes, and homes to me.

Bojana Novakovic is participating in the rebuilding efforts after the earthquakes in Nepal, and volunteering at the schools in Bhotenamlang, Sindhopalchok. She is raising awareness and funds to make The B Project a reality. She has created the blog and exhibit WHITE GIRL IN NEPAL, and 100% of proceeds from all picture sales (which are 100% tax deductible) will go to The B Project.

whitegirlinNepal.com | deregallery.com

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