climate change the greatest threat to humanity

Climate Change: The Greatest Threat to Humanity: In a Global Effort, Well-known Activists Unite in Their Mission to Act on Climate Change Now

Michael R. Bloomberg

U.N. Secretary-General’s Special Envoy for Cities + Climate Change
Former Mayor of New York City

Fighting climate change isn’t just an obligation we owe to future generations. It’s also an opportunity to improve public health—and drive economic growth—in the here and now. After all, the same steps that reduce carbon pollution also clean the air we breathe, which saves lives and reduces disease. Cities with clean air also gain an economic advantage, because where people want to live and work, businesses want to invest. By speeding the transition to cleaner energy, we can improve the lives of billions of people, while also reducing the risks we face from a changing climate.

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Project + Photography: Mathias Braschler & Monika Fischer in support of the work of UNFCCC & UNEP

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