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Editor’s Letter

Ignitors. Rebels. Mavericks.
Feminists. Pioneers. Agitators

Last month we plastered the streets of Paris with thousands of our FEM Revolution posters, letting women know they are not alone, that we are all connected, standing together, taking back words and labels used to reduce and minimize us. What I didn’t expect was that hundreds of women came up to us on the street to say thank you. In that
moment, I had never felt more connected, a part of something huge and urgent, an uprising. We refuse to be kept small any longer. Don’t get me wrong. We really, really love men. But this is an urgent time for women. There is a cultural assault against girls, women, our bodies, and the planet. I believe that it is only when we as women come fully into ourselves and celebrate ourselves and the loudest voice we hear is our own that we will rise up together and create a culture that supports, nurtures, and protects women. We will get change when we demand change. We are no longer willing to move forward as things are.

Transformation comes from knowing that there is no change without conflict and being vocal will always be met with some form of backlash.
—Sally Bergesen

1. Celebrate your big, juicy ass.

Enjoy your powerful, strong body. Maybe for the first time we can stop the self-hatred and the loathing of our bodies. We start now, defining what beauty looks like, even though unnatural images are reinforced every day in the media. Our value has nothing f*cking to do with what we look like.

2. Protect our breastfeeding mothers.

Let’s create a world where beauty, mothering, gentleness, and nourishment are celebrated. We must create a culture that supports, nurtures, and protects women. We will now do this for one another.

3. Get a lil, angry.

Thanks, Rose McGowan, for reminding us that real change happens when we get fired up and refuse to tolerate abuse any longer.

4. Create strong, confident girls.

We can no longer engage in behavior than undermines our teens. Enjoying their bodies doesn’t lessen their value. Whore. Slut. Cunt. We just won’t tolerate attacks like these anymore. One in five will be raped in college. That stops now. Let’s show them they have value, worth, and importance. When we as women are fully empowered, we can stand up and protect our girls.

5. Demand 100% renewables.

Let’s unite for 100% clean energy. Those hardest hit from climate change, f’ed up water, and polluted air are females. Let’s protect the ultimate mother, this planet. Let the loudest voice you hear be your own.

Maranda Pleasant

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