Lauren Fleshman, Veteran Professional Distance Runner for Oiselle. Won Loads of State Championships, NCAA titles, USA Championships and Finished as High as 7th in the World so far. Business Owner, Picky Bars. Author. Activist

ORIGIN: What sets your soul on fire?
Lauren Fleshman:
Finding the thread between seemingly unrelated people, systems, or projects. Interdisciplinary work. Speaking up. People acting with purpose and respect for humanity.

ORIGIN: What are the labels you’ve been called that impacted you and how did you transform them?
Has-been. Uncommitted. Success has a very narrow definition in professional athletics: medals and records, and pursuit of anything outside of that is looked down upon. I decided to make the life I want, and put energy into what moves me, and not rely on anyone for approval of my choices.

ORIGIN: Any relating to your body or appearance? How did you transform them?
Mannish. My sport has transformed my body to be powerful for a specific task over years of training and competition. The more tuned for competition I am, the less “feminine” I look, and it has made me feel powerful on the track but self-conscious in the sack. That transformed for me as I let go of feminine ideals of all kinds, in work, parenting, etc.

ORIGIN: Why is it so important that we empower women + girls right now?
We can’t expect to effectively move forward with half the population carrying sandbags.

ORIGIN: What causes are you passionate about?
Anti-doping in sports, a second wave of feminism in sports, creating sports environments for women and girls that are more enriching than destructive, breaking down monopolies and power structures that don’t serve the people well.

Lauren Fleshman is a veteran professional distance runner for Oiselle with multiple national titles and Team USA berths. She is a vocal activist for positive change in sports, community builder, co-author of the Believe Training Journal, and co-founder of Picky Bars.

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