Sally Bergesen

SALLY BERGESEN, Founder of Oiselle on Transformation, Feminism and being an Athlete for Life.

ORIGIN: What sets your soul on fire?
Sally Bergesen:
Women who have found their voice and use it. Fearless creativity and experimentation. Sobriety, athleticism, and mind-body confidence. Self-determination and people who are willing to put in the work. Strong but sympathetic women in business.

ORIGIN: What labels have been used to describe you and how do you use them for good?
Selfish. Overly involved in business. Striving. Unattractively ambitious. Transformation came from understanding that obsession is an ingredient for success. Greedy. That community is a money-making scheme for Oiselle. Transformation comes from knowing the value we offer and that there’s very little fat on the business. Hysterical. Speaking out against injustice or corruption is seen as a potshot at competitors. Or irrational. Transformation comes from knowing that there is no change without conflict. And that being vocal will always be met with some form of backlash.

ORIGIN: Any relating to your body or appearance? How did you transform them?
As Kyleanne Hunter said, “I don’t read the reviews.” So I’m guessing there’s bad stuff out there (old, pale, blotchy, fat?).

ORIGIN: Why is it so important that we empower women + girls right now?
The forces of feminism are blowing up! But the forces of the media, weird celebrity culture, and male-driven objectification that preys on youth or under-educated women, is still so crazy. We need to keep fighting that with some serious “tag that bitch” feminism, as Maranda Pleasant said in her talk at the MUSE conference.

ORIGIN: What causes are you passionate about?
Everyone can be an athlete for life. It’s not about age, size, pace, or anything—just about moving your body. Move the body and the mind’s confidence falls into place.

Sally Bergesen is the founder of Oiselle, which produces a full range of women’s athletic apparel for both competition and lifestyle. The company also sponsors world-class and recreational athletes and is an emerging brand on the pro track and field circuit. |

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