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We are committed to transforming this culture, bringing attention and awareness to the challenges and struggles females are faced with today. If we don,t talk about it, how can we change it?

Are we tolerating a culture created to destroy our girls and wage war on their bodies, objectifying and reducing them? Do we base their value solely on appearance, and force them into a fragile and brutal world, where they are valued on how they look and not who they are as people?

How do we tell them that they’ll probably be paid less than their male colleagues? That one out of every five will be raped in college? That their bodies will be objectified to sell products, but if they attempt to enjoy their own bodies they will be called sluts, whores, and ridiculed as they watch their social value lower among their peers?

Simultaneously we force them to be puritanical and overly sexual at the same time.

Culturally their value is determined by how pretty they are, with bodies that will never be good enough to fit an imaginary media standard. We teach them to starve, abuse, and hate their bodies to fit a marketing ideal. We keep them in the mall and in the gym to earn their visual value, and encourage our boys to plan for the boardroom, building companies and financial security for themselves. Our girls are taught to compete for men, rather than collaborate with each other to build dreams, communities, support, and companies.

madison maxey
Madison Maxey
Founder, The Crated Wearable Tech Pioneer. Thiel Fellow. Forbes 30 under 30.

“I think we often tell women that we owe it to the world to be beautiful and it’s exciting to see amazing women reject that notion.” –Madison Maxey


ocean pleasant
Ocean Pleasant
Founder/CEO Real Magazine/App, Thiel Fellow. Forbes 30 Under 30.
New York City, NY

“Strong women crushing it at work aren’t bossy, they’re assertive. End of story.” –Ocean Pleasant |


Fiona Dolan
Founder, Social Empowerment Club
Bend, Oregon

“The constant belittling of girls that are still in their teenage years is unreal.” –Fiona Dolan


rachel gray
Rachel Gray
Photographer / Filmmaker
Santa Monica, CA

“In today’s culture, my value is established by my package: How I look, where I work, am I single, do I have money, where I live. And as a woman, I feel pressure to be the complete package. To be a superwoman.” –Rachel Gray


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