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Madison Maxey, 22, Founder, The Crated Wearable Tech Pioneer, Thiel Fellow and Forbes 30 Under 30

<br/ >ORIGIN: What are the labels/ words you’ve been called that impacted you and how did you transform them?
Madison Maxey:
People often ask me what it’s like to be me in a world of people who don’t look like me. They’re not calling me anything offensive, but I find it bothersome that we like to remind people that they don’t belong. I think that’s damaging.

ORIGIN: Any relating to your body or appearance or sexuality? How did you transform them?
I’m such a huge fan of this question because I think we often tell women that they’re valuable for how they look, and this is damaging.I feel as though I haven’t received too much body shaming, approving, or general commentary, but something that really transformed my view on beauty was reading Iris Apfel’s statement about being considered “pretty” and how that wasn’t something she wanted.

I think we often tell women that we owe it to the world to be beautiful and it’s exciting to see amazing women reject that notion.

ORIGIN: How do you feel your value is established in our culture?
I think I’m valued for what I can produce in the world and I feel so lucky to be seen this way as skills don’t fade like looks and drama do.

ORIGIN: What are things you’ve heard males say about women that make them feel reduced or disregarded?
I’ve experienced chatting with a group of men and another woman will arrive and they will either ignore her or only focus on her depending on her looks. There seems to be a different code for male to male interactions than female to male interactions and I think we can all just treat each other like sentient beings.

ORIGIN: Why is it so important that we empower girls right now?
It’s so important that we encourage girls to be agents in their lives, and the earlier that begins, the more wonderful, exciting, and impactful their lives will be!

Madison Maxey is a creative technologist and 2013 Thiel Fellow. Her work and contributions to the wearable technology space have been featured in Wired, FastCompany, and New York Magazine and she has provided wearable tech insights to the White House and Google. She is a Forbes 30 under 30 Member and on the NYCBLK 28 under 28 list. More than anything, she loves fabricating the future at The Crated, a company she founded in 2013 focused on creating textile-based wearables.

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