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We are the Platform for: Art, Culture, Conscious Lifestyle, Humanitarianism, Sustainability and Yoga. We are creating a cohesive and connected Art+Conscious Community that Collaborates + Creates, builds bridges and breaks barriers. We are a channel for transformation, connection, vision, intention and creation.

A Letter From Maranda Pleasant. Founder, ORIGIN Magazine

So what’s the big idea? It’s not just a magazine: It’s a movement. We’re a platform bringing worlds together, building bridges, giving consciousness an expanded voice in national media. We are growing an organic publication of substance, where we can find depth and wisdom to really transform our lives. We’ve set out to create a visually stunning and context-transforming publication that doesn’t play it safe.

We like it real around here. It’s time to shine, not shrink.

Our model gives national figures, artists, and leaders a blank canvas, a space to express, write, and create. Their ideas. Their voices. Not filtered through our eyes or limited to a few quotes. You get them straight up. Direct access. You form your own opinion. Our interviews are not cut to bias. They’re raw, real, and personal. Fascinating people with powerful ideas featured in every issue.

It’s time we connect and shift this planet for good.

Origin is a new model bringing together notable voices on subjects that few others address: dealing with addiction, eating disorders, miscarriage, divorce, depression, cancer and illness. We feature articles from top leaders on the environment, world issues, powerful humanitarian causes, etc.

Let’s get personal and share our experiences. Real conversations connect us, get us out of self-isolation, and inspire us to live richer and bolder lives. What happens when we face our demons, failures, and unresolved darkness? We grow.

Vulnerable is the new strong.

Our dreams are bigger than the printed page. We’re building a national community. A network. Not wires or signals. People.
We connect communities through art and events, bringing amazing individuals together to create positive change. Let’s imagine our circles expanding exponentially.

Our ambassador program is the grassroots foundation to making the Origin family strong, supportive, and powerful. Origin ambassadors hold it down in cities across the country, igniting our mission of cooperation, collaboration, and creativity through gatherings, launches, and more. This model connects badasses in each city, supporting conscious businesses, artists, yogis, and musicians.

We don’t do boring.

We’ve also created a new conscious business model based on transparency and a new wave of media possibilities. We’re not interested in just selling ads; we’re creating family and a mutual cycle of support. We give awesome local businesses a national voice.

Every issue, we’re expanding our distribution across the country. Grow with us. This magazine breathes with vision, intention, and love from communities across the nation coming together.

The potential and possibilities are endless.

Let’s build some bridges.Let’s go deep. Let’s be honest.

Let’s find our voice and create big things together.

Paul D. Miller, ORIGIN Magazine, Executive Editor

Paul D. Miller aka DJ SPOOKY is a composer, multimedia artist and writer. His written work has appeared in The Village Voice, The Source, Artforum and The Wire amongst other publications.

Miller’s work as a media artist has appeared in a wide variety of contexts such as the Whitney Biennial; The Venice Biennial for Architecture (2000); the Ludwig Museum in Cologne, Germany; Kunsthalle, Vienna; The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh and many other museums and galleries. His work New York Is Now has been exhibited in the Africa Pavilion of the 52 Venice Biennial 2007, and the Miami/Art Basel fair of 2007. Miller’s first collection of essays, entitled Rhythm Science came out on MIT Press 2004. His book Sound Unbound, an anthology of writings on electronic music and digital media was recently released by MIT Press.

Miller’s deep interest in reggae and dub has resulted in a series of compilations, remixes and collections of material from the vaults of the legendary Jamaican label, Trojan Records. Other releases include Optometry (2002), a jazz project featuring some of the best players in the downtown NYC jazz scene, and Dubtometry (2003) featuring Lee ‘Scratch’ Perry and Mad Professor. Miller’s latest collaborative release, Drums of Death, features Dave Lombardo of Slayer and Chuck D of Public Enemy among others. He also produced material on Yoko Ono’s recent album Yes, I’m a Witch. Read about his Eco-Artist Retreat project in Southeast Asia, The Vanuatu Pacifica Project.

Photo of Paul Courtesy and Copyright Danielle Levitt.

Gina Murdock, ORIGIN Magazine, International Editor

Gina Murdock is a liaison working with Virgin Unite to help expand the 24902 community Sir Richard Branson talks about in his latest book, “Screw Business as Usual.” She is motivated by his philosophy that doing good for people and the planet is good for business. To that end, Murdock also believes that we can never “accept the unacceptable” and works tirelessly for social, political and environmental change.

Gina is working with Virgin Unite as a trip leader and project manager to expand the Connection Trip model. As the founder of the Aspen Yoga Society, Gina is a community organizer who uses yoga as a tool for transformation and activation. Her Annual Yoga in Action Day event brings awareness and money to important causes, drawing upwards of 200 people together to practice, connect and engage. Through AYS, Gina introduced yoga and body awareness to The Aspen Institute, teaching regularly at events that host powerful and relevant leaders -such as President Bill Clinton and Madeline Albright – discussing ideas and working to create solutions.

Murdock is a board member of the oldest environmental non-profit in Aspen, The Aspen Center for Environmental Studies, and has been instrumental in raising critical funds (more than $300,000 this year) to ensure ACES can fulfill it’s mission to educate youth on environmental issues, creating life-long stewards. Gina also serves on the board of The Center for Living Peace in Orange County, Calif. CLP is based on providing a space for education focusing on: inner work and development; peace making and effective communication; safeguarding the environment and arts and culture. At CLP, Gina has helped bring in inspirational speakers such as His Holiness The Dalai Lama, Her Majesty Queen Noor, Sir Richard Branson and Charlize Theron for the popular “Living Peace Series” which helps bring awareness to important causes.

Gina is a certified yoga teacher, massage therapist, journalist, environmentalist and avid cyclist, swimmer, kayaker, surfer, snowboarder and skier. She is also a supporter of The Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, as well as a leader with the grassroots organization Off The Mat Into The World.

Gina’s philosophy can be summed up by the poignant words of the poet Rumi,“Let the beauty you love, be what you do…” and the words of Gandhi, “Be the change you wish to see in the world…”